If every person in a country was guaranteed £1,700 every month, what difference would that make? What change would that make to society as a whole?

We may soon find out. Switzerland is set to become the first country in the world to vote on whether residents should get 2,500 Swiss francs (which equates to around £1,700) each, no matter whether they are working or not. And children could be set to be given 625F (about £430).

Academics believe that not only will people still want to work, despite the reasonable amount of money they will be getting, but that they will be freer to be more creative within their work. More independent businesses will be set up, and more people will become self employed and ‘live their dreams’ if they know they are going to receive 2,500F every month come what may.

It will cost the Swiss government 208F billion every year (£143 billion).

Although it sounds idyllic, not everyone is keep for the plan to get the go ahead after the vote this month.

Some feel that it will make people lazy, and that the country will effectively grind to a halt with people who currently work low paid but essential jobs quitting work to enjoy their 2,500F a month.

Others feel that, because everyone would be on a level field regarding money, the cost of goods would increase in line with the new income level, meaning that no one is actually any better off as the cost of living would go up dramatically.

What is your opinion? Do you believe that if you were given £1,700 a month you would still need to work? Would things get more expensive? Or is it the perfect solution to the growing problem of poverty?